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John Coltrane: Alabama (Jazz Casual)


About The Video

This was Coltrane’s somber tribute to the children who died in an Alabama church bombing at the height of the ugliest chapter in the American civil rights struggle.

Unlike the recorded version, Coltrane improvises after the theme on this version of the television show Jazz Casual. It also shows the more delicate side on this extraordinary quartet

Customer Comments

A great elegy and, like the recorded version, a monument in the history not of jazz alone but of art.
- jayer

Wonderful. Leaves me speechless
- Grandad Ron (UK)

Dear Gawd! Such beauty is hard to verbalize.
- Willie Wisely

This is like watching light refract as it passes through a diamond, transcendental. Too bad most people will never be able to understand this.
- chet

what can one say? - this is the summit, the peak!
- adrian sondheimer

Trane's performance, though appropiately reverent, does not hide his signature passion. Many silly critics of the time deemed this passion "angry." If that was all there was to it, the events in Alabama at that time should have inspired a more furious expression - Trane and his musical peers certainly had every right to feel anger !
- monrovian bear

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