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Count Basie & Helen Humes


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Basie and his septet with Buddy Defranco, Wardell Gray, Clark Terry, Freddie Green, Jimmy Lewis and Gus Johnson back up Helen Humes on this 1951 Pathe soundie which opens with some killer Wardell.

Customer Comments

I have most of this session on an LP: Basie & Barnett (sic), on the Camay label, but they omitted one of Helen's songs. Anyone seen it elsewhere on any format?
- hoosierDJ

Hoosier DJ is wrong calling this band beboppers! This is SWING at its best!
- Real Count Man

The band is superb--that goes without saying. Beboppers backing Helen was a strange match, but they all bring it off like professionals. This would be Helen's last recording with Basie until her comeback of 1973 at Newport in New York. The venue was Carnegie Hall, and I'd sure like to see/hear a recording of that one. She was off to Montreux after that, and more recording than she had ever done before. Her triumphant return to hometown Louisville kick-started the career of a very green jazz DJ, which continues to this day. She was a helluva lady.
- hoosierDJ

That's beautiful - Wardell Gray's solo at the start has lovely tone, and gets right into the impeccable swing of Basie's band. Helen Humes may not be a household name, but she adds a lot to the infectious joy of this performance. 5 stars
- Big Phil

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