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Bud Powell with Kenny Clarke - Get Happy 1959


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Bud, Klook and Pierre Michelot at the Blue Note Club in Paris, December 1959.

This was pretty much their home in those years. Bud misses some notes but his genius is still very evident.

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I wuz there! And when Bud was playing well, he was great! But when he lapsed into indifference, it was sad to hear the giant reduced to another nightclub pianist.
- jackg

In jazz piano now everybody views things through a post miles prism which means piano is viewed through the -keith-chick and herbie prism with people seeing bill evens as the father of that. other than that now it is hip to view monk as a weird genius-and the marketing of that idea is easy because the name-and the persona all fit together in a way where that idea can be marketed. So bud just becomes a bebop pianist in a lot of people's minds and to make matters worst when people think of bebop they think of bird and diz who are the salesman of the idea of bebop and who most people think of the founders of it. That is a paradox considering bud was the heaviest of all of them. -Matt Shipp
- shipp

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