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Art Tatum - Yesterdays


About The Video

An extraordinary exploration of “Yesterdays” by piano master Art Tatum who had all the technique in the world and the imagination to use it properly. This comes from "The Spike Jones Show" over NBC-TV on April 17, 1954.

Customer Comments

For rich, Name one.
- Big Al

There will never be another like HIM
- Jabe

Only the greatest.

Tatum was certainly gifted, but he uses too many notes. Other pianists say more with less.
- rich

I have NEVER seen him on film. Never seen him appreciated by an audience at all--never mind that they came to see Spike Jones, fer chrissakes. (And I love Spike Jones, too, but...). So, anyway, I expected to be amazed, and I was and I still am after all these years. Thank you Art, thanks to Spike for giving him the gig (and to Granz if he had a hand in this), and to everyone who ever preserved a note of this man's music!
- hoosierDJ

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow—Tatum lives!
- jackg

"Genius is all you can say"
- PJ

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