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Benny Powell Meets Count Basie


About The Video

This is a well-produced piece on Benny Powell and how he hooked up with the Basie band for a dozen years. Benny’s voice is interspersed with a Basie tribute concert he produced at the New School, where he teaches.

Customer Comments

Nice to hear about these greats - they seem to be humbler than the current crop? Maybe I'm wrong.
- Sharkie

Excellent playing. Unless I missed it, what chair did Benny play with Basie? Now, the Basie band?... Blee Blop Blues (Neil Hefti?) was one of my favorites on "Basie at Birdland". Also, sorry to recently find out about the passing of Sonny Cohn. Got to meet and talk with him a few times. Nice going 'Jazz Video Cafe'!
- Jazzcat

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