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Randy Weston, NYPL jazz oral history


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A beautiful statement on the language of music by an extraordinary musician and human being. You may need to crank the volume up on this.

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Hey. Thanks much to whoever found this clip and put it on here. Wow. Wow. Randy Randy
- Anonymous

Randy Weston is a Master Teacher and Incomparable Artist. As always, he cuts to the chase in discerning the elusive yet tangible nature of Music as a spiritual beckoning, a secular focus, and a healing force. Well Done.
- TownCry

Great idea and great, valuable references especially for the younger crowd of players. Keep 'em coming.
- zapato

Rany Weston is a remarkable musician and a remarkable person. His two albums on French Polydor are marvellous, as is the Bakton album, Plays Cole Porter in a Modern Mood, ....
- Messing

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