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Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing


About The Video

"Sing Sing Sing" by the iconic Benny Goodman band and "I've Got A Heartful Of Rhythm" by the Quartet (BG, Wilson, Krupa, Hampton) from the film "Hollywood Hotel" in 1937. A perfect chance to see the Goodman band in prime form during the early days of Swing.

Customer Comments

Thanks to Warner Bros., the classic BG of 1937 was captured in near Hi-Fi studio sound. Yes, the "Sing Sing Sing" chart is abridged, but the photography is beautiful, the synching VERY good for the era, and Warner's soundtrack beautifully balanced. The band choreography works well, as it did for all the top bands. It was a stage show as well as a music show. Bonus: the vintage BG Quartet, with my idol Teddy Wilson's hands pounding out the impossible, Lionel "talking" the ensemble while tearing up his vibes, and Gene playing the prototypical drummer-sex-symbol that all future drum stars latched onto, from Swing to Rock, Punk, and beyond. Run from this take to the Carnegie Hall classic to fill in the gaps...and the Victor singles if you've got the time.
- David F

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