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16mm Home Movies With Bix And The Goldkette Orch.


About The Video

Although grainy and not a great transfer, it is still an important film document of Bix Beiderbecke.

The band is seen at Tremont Square in Boston (where they are running); at a WWI monument in memory of the Yankee 26th Division; the Bronx Zoo where they jam next to the snake pit and a walk to the bear cage where they play as a man in an ape suit does the Charleston and Shimmy. After that is a rehearsal segment for a Victor recording session.

The silent 16 mm film of the Jean Goldkette Orchestra in its 1926 Eastern tour is sometimes known as the Paul Mertz film. He was given a copy of the film by Edith Horvath, the sister of Charlie Horvath who actually owned the original film.

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