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Woody Herman with Sal Nistico - “Sister Sadie”


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The exciting tenor saxophonist Sal Nistico is shown here in performance with the 1964 Thundering Herd on BBC Television. Few clips survive of the great Nistico, one of the unsung giants of the tenor.

Customer Comments

what aGREAT SWINGING SOUND Iwas privilege to see them at the dome Brighton.A NIGHT TO REMEMBER MAGNIFICENT
- barney

The "64 65 " band was one of Woody's best, but i first heard him on m.g.m records at "carniegie hall concert recorded in 1945 that was something of a rave considering how big bands of the time From that day on i was sold.
- woody mad clive

Great in every aspect. Jake Hannah, Chuck, and Nat Pierce really lock in the pocket! I had a great time being on this band just shortly after this was made in 1964.
- lascarpa

Unreal burner of a player! A lot of younger generation sax players don't know about Sal. When he moved to Italy he was soon forgotten by most. May he R.I.P. Also the band nick-named Chuck Andrus, the bass player, to call him 'Charley the Arm'.
- Jazzcat

the bass is thumpin' so nice
- jdubsax

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