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Freddie Hubbard


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This solo on Curtis Fuller’s “A La Mode” with an all star Jazz Messengers demonstrates Freddie Hubbard’s all encompassing talent. He had a full magnificent sound, flawless articulation and an imagination that was at once melodic and adventurous.

Customer Comments

Thank you for NOT making the Jazz Video Cafe into just another way to sell us music. Bud, or anyone who can spell HUBBARD, should be able to find plenty of his recordings.
- TheArt

what is the point of the video jazz cafe? I watched the Hubbard clip and now I want to buy the recording good job but you left me hanging. theres no link for me to purchase. I'm a customer in your data base
- bud zenko

Freddie was baaad! Sound, time, articulation, ideas, fire. No wonder he was the model for so players who came after him.
- Jeff E.

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