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  • Stockhausen


    When we interviewed Anthony Braxton, he mentioned Stockhausen as one of his favorite composers.

    "Karlheinz Stockhausen was a German composer, widel... 6257 views

  • Ingmar Bergman – “Persona” Trailer

    Ingmar Bergman – “Persona” Trailer

    The film poet of Sweden created one brilliant interior drama after another. “Persona” is a tour de force for Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson as well as ... 6255 views
  • Andrew Hill - Solo

    Andrew Hill - Solo

    Andrew was an extraordinary pianist, composer, thinker and person. His work has been well represented on Blue Note and Mosaic. This is a beautiful sol... 6247 views
  • Federico Fellini 8 ½ Trailer

    Federico Fellini 8 ½ Trailer

    Initially, one of Italy’s great neo-realist film makers, his penchant for humor and surrealism flowered with this ground-breaking film.

    And he never... 6245 views

  • Louis Armstrong – Newport Jazz Festival

    Louis Armstrong – Newport Jazz Festival

    The documentary “Jazz On A Summer’s Day” brilliantly filmed by Bert Stern is a compelling visual tour of the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, the America’s... 6244 views
  • Joe Lovano Master Class

    Joe Lovano Master Class

    Eight minute of fascinating advice and vignettes from Joe Lovano during a 2008 master class. 6243 views
  • Bob Parent Photography

    Bob Parent Photography

    A wonderful glimpse at Bob Parent's art through his photographs and his voice. 6242 views
  • Art Tatum

    Art Tatum

    Chick Corea introduces Art Tatum. 6223 views
  • Woody Herman- Live in '64 (Jazz Icons)

    Woody Herman- Live in '64 (Jazz Icons)

    Woody Herman features a blistering one-hour concert from 1964 showcasing the Swinging Herd, including trumpeter Bill Chase, trombonist Phil Wilson and... 6219 views
  • Benny Powell Meets Count Basie

    Benny Powell Meets Count Basie

    This is a well-produced piece on Benny Powell and how he hooked up with the Basie band for a dozen years. Benny’s voice is interspersed with a Basie t... 6204 views