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  • The Gerry Mulligan Quartet

    The Gerry Mulligan Quartet

    A prime mover of the Cool School, Gerry Mulligan plays his well known "A Line For Lyons" with his second great pianoless quartet featuring valve tromb... 6196 views
  • Ben Webster – Poutin’

    Ben Webster – Poutin’

    Best known as the ballad master of the tenor saxophone, Ben Webster’s soulful blues approach has been in evidence since his days with the Ellington ba... 6196 views
  • Cannonball Adderley – Jive Samba

    Cannonball Adderley – Jive Samba

    Here’s an early version of “Jive Samba” from Oscar Brown, Jr.’s television show Jazz Scene USA – so early the tune had not yet been named. Adderley ha... 6193 views
  • Brando - I Could’a Bin A Contenda

    Brando - I Could’a Bin A Contenda

    Elia Kazan’s masterpiece “On The Waterfront” was as close as America ever got to the power of Italian neo-realism.

    This scene with Rod Steiger and M... 6176 views

  • Art Tatum - Yesterdays

    Art Tatum - Yesterdays

    An extraordinary exploration of “Yesterdays” by piano master Art Tatum who had all the technique in the world and the imagination to use it properly. ... 6153 views
  • Artie Shaw - “Alone Together”

    Artie Shaw - “Alone Together”

    A performance from the 1939 short entitled “Artie Shaw’s Symphony Of Swing”. This beautiful arrangement, credited to both Shaw and Jerry Gray, magnifi... 6137 views
  • William Claxton

    William Claxton

    A brief but fascinating profile of William Claxton's early Hollywood days as a child and the beginnings of his life as a photographer. 6103 views
  • Benny Goodman -

    Benny Goodman - "Stealin' Apples" - 1961

    An exciting clip from Disneyland in late May or early June of 1961.

    Ray Sherman is the pianist and not sure who the trumpeter is although the secti... 6099 views

  • Nat King Cole & Juan Tizol – Caravan

    Nat King Cole & Juan Tizol – Caravan

    It’s always great when Nat Cole returns to the piano. This version of “Caravan” with the song’s composer Juan Tizol on valve trombone is from Cole’s s... 6099 views
  • A clip from “King of Jazz” - Whiteman Orch (1930)

    A clip from “King of Jazz” - Whiteman Orch (1930)

    From the color film featuring the Paul Whiteman band. This clip has leader Paul Whiteman introducing members of his band including some wonderful Joe ... 6073 views