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  • New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music

    New Orleans: A Living Museum of Music

    New Orleans is such a unique hybrid culture from its food to its music to its architecture to its attitude toward life.

    This lovely piece is just a... 6129 views

  • National Museum of African Art

    National Museum of African Art

    A fast-paced but satisfying glimpse at the amazing Smithsonian collection of African art. 5760 views
  • Jackson Pollock

    Jackson Pollock

    A nice profile of Jackson Pollack and the origins of his revolutionary style of painting.

    People either love him or hate him just as they love or ha... 7299 views

  • William Claxton

    William Claxton

    A brief but fascinating profile of William Claxton's early Hollywood days as a child and the beginnings of his life as a photographer. 6405 views
  • The Morrison Hotel and group M35 Present Francis Wolff

    The Morrison Hotel and group M35 Present Francis Wolff

    Francis Wolff never thought of his work as important or immortal, but merely as a resource for Blue Note to utilize for cover art.

    He is now widely ... 6919 views

  • Bob Parent Photography

    Bob Parent Photography

    A wonderful glimpse at Bob Parent's art through his photographs and his voice. 6607 views
  • African Art

    African Art

    You may be familiar with African art that influenced the likes of Pablo Picasso, but here is a rich sampling of contemporary African artists and how t... 6359 views
  • Vincent Van Gogh

    Vincent Van Gogh

    Van Gogh was to painting what Thelonious Monk was to jazz. He seemed to come to Earth totally formed with an absolutely original way of seeing things.... 6704 views
  • Monet


    Claude Monet was the father of impressionism. His magnificent French tableaus are stunning and his technique with paint was miraculous. 6259 views
  • Carnival in Rio

    Carnival in Rio

    This background into the escolas de samba gives a glimpse into the eighth wonder of the world - the night the schools of samba down the main street in... 4469 views