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  • Brando - I Could’a Bin A Contenda

    Brando - I Could’a Bin A Contenda

    Elia Kazan’s masterpiece “On The Waterfront” was as close as America ever got to the power of Italian neo-realism.

    This scene with Rod Steiger and M... 6574 views

  • Fritz Lang - Metropolis Trailer

    Fritz Lang - Metropolis Trailer

    This is a trailer for a restored full-length version of Fritz Lang’s 1927 visionary look into a rather bleak future.

    The cityscapes look like Donald... 6396 views

  • Ingmar Bergman – “Persona” Trailer

    Ingmar Bergman – “Persona” Trailer

    The film poet of Sweden created one brilliant interior drama after another. “Persona” is a tour de force for Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson as well as ... 6683 views
  • Alfred Hitchcock: Content vs Technique

    Alfred Hitchcock: Content vs Technique

    A fascinating look into Alfred Hitchcock’s methodology which explains why the same screenplay shot by a lesser director would yield lesser results. 6954 views
  • Federico Fellini 8 ½ Trailer

    Federico Fellini 8 ½ Trailer

    Initially, one of Italy’s great neo-realist film makers, his penchant for humor and surrealism flowered with this ground-breaking film.

    And he never... 6625 views

  • Busby Berkeley - 42nd Street

    Busby Berkeley - 42nd Street

    ""Sawyer, you listen to me, and you listen hard. Two hundred people, two hundred jobs, two hundred thousand dollars, five weeks of grind and blood ... 5737 views
  • Martin Scorsese - Mean Streets

    Martin Scorsese - Mean Streets

    Mean Streets released in 1972 was the launching pad for Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Harvey Keitel. 4906 views
  • Plan 9 - Best Lines

    Plan 9 - Best Lines

    A compilation of the best bits of bad dialogue from Ed Wood's trash masterpiece. 4991 views
  • King's Speech Trailer

    King's Speech Trailer

    2010 Academy Award Nominee. 4942 views
  • Rodney Dangerfield - Easy Money

    Rodney Dangerfield - Easy Money

    After Monty's mother-in-law dies unexpectedly, his family is in for an inheritance. Mrs. Monahan left a stipulation in her will that if Monty is able ... 5111 views